Welcome to CoffeePod Cafe

It’s safe to say, that coffee is the most important drink in the world. I realize that beer has a strong case with getting shy people to get to know each other. But if everyone would be drinking beer all the time, things would run badly.

With the importance of our task firmly rooted, we have now started to rebuild coffeepodcafe.com. It’s going to be a whole different site!

One of the main things to expect is how we are taking the concept much further than before. The coffee pod can be seen as a metaphor for the potential goodness that is in any endeavor to make coffee.

The moment you think about making coffee, you have built a little coffee pod, to put it bluntly. And when you are drinking your coffee, the pod has fulfilled it’s promise. Or not, that depends on whether you used the right ingredients, with the right techniques.

See ya soon!